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CONTACT:  laurenj.whitleyart@gmail.com

I’m really interested in local histories, found materials, and constructing environments. My drawings are sort of a location to think through a manner of mark making that has become meditative over the years.


2019: “Textile” Wedge at Foundry Gallery, Asheville NC

2017: “Coccyx” DBN, Asheville NC

2017: “Getting in Formation” Hall-Barnett Gallery, New  Orleans LA

2016: “Myth & Mammal” Hall-Barnett Gallery, New Orleans LA

2016: “Feel the Heat” Hall-Barnett Gallery, New Orleans LA

2015: “Annual X-Mas Party” Hall-Barnett Gallery, New Orleans LA

2014: “Second Saturday, St. Claude Arts District” Birds Nest Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2013: “Hybrid Identites” Edinburgh, U.K

2013: “ReHappening” Black Mountain College, Black Mountain, NC

2013: “With and Without” Wisteria House Gallery/LaunchPad, Brooklyn NY

2012: “Total Gold Installation” Carolina Lane. Asheville, NC

2011: “Shucked,” Push Gallery, Asheville, NC
2011: “Flowers and Fun,” Gallery 1526, Atlanta, GA
2011: “Slump,” Western Carolina Graduate Group, Sylva, NC
2011: “Coterie,” Gallery 1526, Atlanta, GA
2011: “Disposable Camera Art Show,” Asheville, NC
2010: “Hangar Benefit Show,” Hangar, Athens, GA
2009: “Dark Arts,” Push Gallery, Asheville, NC
2009: Hangar Group Show-The Hangar, Athens, GA
2008: The Bailey Law Group Show, Washington, D.C
2007: “Art Attack II,” Push Gallery, Asheville, NC
2007: Student Show, Owen Gallery, Asheville, NC
2007: University of North Carolina- Asheville Student Show Honorable
Mention in Printmaking, Asheville, NC
2007: “Wretched Nags,” Solo Exhibition, Placeways Gallery, Phil Mechanic Studios, Asheville, NC
2006: “Erotic Art Show,” Pump Gallery, Asheville, NC
2006: “Mad Max,” Installation, Solo Exhibition, Joli Rouge, Asheville, NC

Articles and Reviews:
“Artists Get Shucked,” by Kyle Sheppard, Mountain Express
Sept,6, 2011
“Pushing Back: Push Gallery’s Street Smart Style,” by Connie Bostic,
Mountain Express, Jan, 28, 2008


Co-Founder of The Dark House Collective, April 2012Album Art for Ahleuchatistas “Heads Full of Poison” Released September 25, 2012Actress, starring role in “The Dividers,” film production of Courtney Chappell/NeverNo Collective, Asheville, NC, March, 2010

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